Sagbata / Sakpata (Sònpònnó in Yoruba) is the most prominent deity of the earth pantheon Vodun. He is the eldest son born of Mawu and Lisa. His cult is maintained celebrated by knowledgable priests adept in the intricacies of his rituals in select parts of Havana, Regla and also by the Arará of Matanzas. The Dahomean/Benin Vodoun King Dada Zodji is known and praised in Cuba as Asoyi. He is also called Obaluaiye, Babaluaiye, Omolu by the Yoruba and their descendants in Cuba and Brazil. Another popular praise name is Asojano or Asowano in Cuba, which comes from the Fon epithet Azohani, an ancient praise name for this deity from Mahi the North of Dahomey.


It is the nature of Asohano that he is given honorific and flattering titles with which to praise and placate him. Although considered benevolent by many, and quite rightly so, Asohano is known and revered as the deity of pestilence, virulent diseases, disfigurement and the social-cultural experiences of marginalization, displacement and descrimination. Knowing these worlds first-hand, Asohano holds the power to miraculously heal the mind and body, to avenge wrongful behaviour and to mete out both punishment and reward. Worshippers avoid calling on Asohano by his most intimate and powerful names lest he or she be seen as presumptuous, this deity of extreme power is treated tenderly, calling and adulating him by his myriad of epithets which extoll his greatness and power. Asohano is known as:



King of the world


Hot earth


Lord of the world




Lord of the world


Asohano uses a scepter or broom made of palm ribs that is loaded with medicines, wrapped and adorned in beads and consecrated in order to sweep sickness and dis-ease from the human body. Ahunse Asohano, those orisha priests that have undergone the ceremoines particular to this orisha receive their ha (a Fon word meaning "broom" but often written as "ja" by Spanish speakers) along with the other ritual emblems of the deity to be used for healing and keeping iku/death in abeyance.

Asohano / Babalu Aye / Omolu / Sakpata / Ayanu


Nana Buruku


Nana Buruku is the ancient mother of the earth. She lives in lakes and other still bodies of fresh water, dwelling in the reeds along the shore. She is related to the moon; dark, mysterious and magical. The Fon in Dahomey worshipped her in the same capacity as Olorun, as the primordial creator of the universe. She gave birth to the ancient mother and father Gods, Mawu and Lisa, who in turn gave birth to Dada Zodji and Nyohwe Ananu, the oldest male and female roads of Asojano.


Nana is the dark earth that absorbs life in order to again give birth. Her sacred animal is the python, which kills, as she does, by suffocation. Nana kills silently and knows the secrets of medicines and poisons. She lives in mystery and has knowledge of all that which is hidden. She is said to be the “discoverer” and has the ability to find, bring out and cure diseases that remain dormant and hidden in the body. She also has the ability to cause illness and bring death to those who offend her.

Net / maya (below) that we made for Nana Buruku. We can custom make nets for any tureen or tinaja and for any orisha. Click on the image for a slide show

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