Erinle is a hunter orisha. He is the patron deity of Ilobu, an Ijesha town located in south western Nigeria. Ilobu lies along the Erinlè River, a tributary of the Oshun River, on the road from Ogbomosho to Oshogbo. Ilobu is known as a trade centre for the yams, corn, cassava, oil palms, pumpkins, beans, and okra grown in the region. 


There are many variations on this orisha's name, he is known as Eyinle in Egbado, Erinle in Ilobu and Enlè in Okuku. In Cuba and Trinidad he is known as Inlè or Erinle 'Ajaja'. Ajaja is an honorific title meaning 'He who eats dog' and is punned as Àjàjà 'The ferocious one' (Warner Lewis, 1994.) In Brazil, Candomblé Ketu, he is known as Inle or Òxóssi Ibualama. 

"Erinle" etymologically means 'elephant (Erin) in (ni) the-earth' (ilè) or 'land-elephant' in standard Yoruba. Erinle is a hunter, healer/herbalist and animal husbander. He has close ties with many orisha, especially Yemaya, Oshun, Oshosi, Ogun, Osain, Oba and Otin. 


​Inle is an orisha of wealth and prosperity. He bestows abundance to his worshippers and is propitiated in times of sickness and for fertility. Erinle works with Osain, Asohano, Yemaya and Oshun in order to provide medicie for the mind and body and nourishment for the soul. Inle is both telepath and adept diviner. He learned Odu from Orunmila and Yemaya. Inle is both telepath and adept diviner. Abatan accompanies Inle, activating and administering compounds and cures to patients under their care.

Iruke / Horsetail flywhisk / Cola de Caballo

Charged and beaded for Erinle - click on images



This is a gold painted gourd maraca for Inle. The handle is hand woven in a spiral pattern using Inle's signature beads. A net of glass, coral and semi precious beads envelopes the gourd. 



Mazos, Elekes and ide for Erinle


To the right are some photos of our mazos for Inle. You will also see a necklace and Ide set. 


Inle's signature bead is yellow with red and green stripes.





Many orishas, including Erinle has a medicine gourd among the "tools" he uses to heal. These are called 'inshe Osain' which means 'works of Osain' 

These are gourds charged with a large number of ingredients which is then ritually consecrated and adorned with beads. 


We make inshe Osains for all of the orishas that take them, one of our most popular requests is the Osain for Oshun Ibu Kole. Click on the image to see more. Email us for ordering details.


Olokun or Olookun/Olocun is the deity of the profundity of the sea. 

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