Orisha Funfun

Obatala / Orishanla / Oduduwa - Oddua



Father of humanity, the right hand of Olodumare, Obatala is the supreme deity of justice, wisdom and life. Obatala’s color is white, which is often accented with other colours, namely red, coral, green or purple, according to the road. His symbols are a single, solid silver bracelet, a white horsetail switch (iruke / irukere), a cane and a silver bell or “agogo,” which is used when saluting him.


We make our beadwork for Obatala according to the requirements of each path / camino / road avatar. Here are a few of the roads we have constructed beaded items for>


  • Orishanla (Oshanla) – This is the eldest of the Orisha Funfunf (white orisha) and is female. She is the wife of Osha Ogiyan and is said to have given birth to all the other roads of Obatala. She dresses all in white, with ivory and mother of pearl in her necklace.

  • Ayaguna – The warrior chief whose name means "dog of war." He is young, bold and fights with a scimitar, a sickle and bow and arrow.  His adornments are accented in red.

  • Orisha Ogiyan – Also known as Oshagriñan. This road is older than Ajaguna, but is still a warrior. In addition to white, he also wears coral and red.

  • Oba Moro –  Dressed in white and purple.

  • Alaguema – Alaguema dresses in white and green.

  • Orishalufon – He dresses entirely in white.

  • Obalufon – He dresses entirely in white.

  • Yeku Yeku – Yeku Yeku dresses entirely in white.

  • Elefuro -- A female Orisha Funfun

  • Obanla -- A female Orisha Funfun

  • Baba Asho Funfun – The owner of white cloth. He dresses entirely in white and is adorned with a great deal of cloth.

  • Eruaye /Enuaye – A female Orisha Funfun that sits in state. She dresses in white with accents of coral.

  • Baba Arubo – The Obatala who forms human beings in the womb. He dresses entirely in white.





This very large, intricate and ornate Obatala Mazo. It is suitable for several roads such as Oshalufon, Obanla, and Oshanla. It contains a large quantity of mother of pearl (nacar) focal beads. We make each mazo unique using precious materials and antique Venetian and Czech glass beads.



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