Here you will find a selection of beaded items organized according to the individual orisha. Please use the drop-down menu "ORISHAS" above to see the photo galleries with short descriptions. There you will find:


Ides (beaded bracelets);

Elekes (necklaces);

Mazos (large beaded sashes);

Iruke/Irukere (beaded fly whisks);

Abebe (fans / abanicos);

Mayas (beaded nets);

Ha / Ja / Shashara / Ileeshin (palm fibre brooms used in Asohano/Nanu/Nana Buruku/Oshumare worship).

Obe (beaded knives/cuchillos for ceremony of knife/pinaldo)

Agogo, ashere, vaina (beaded muscial instruments).

Opa / umba (beaded canes, sticks and staves).

Inshe Osain (beaded, charged/medicine packed sealed gourds, horns, and other vessels).



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