Here are some testimonials about our work:


Martin at Orisha Arts is a true master and a pleasure to do business with. He custom designed and beaded the most incredible mazo for my road of Obatala. Martin used the finest materials he could find and even incorporated some moonstone in the pattern! I was blown away by his finished product that arrived in time for my Ocha birthday. His client communication is excellent and he kept me updated on his progress. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a truly one-of-a-kind beaded piece made by a knowledgeable Olorisha

-Baba Lerí


I ordered a mazo for Shango and one for Yemaya amd they are very high quality and very elegant

- Omar


I have been vey lucky to know my good friend and abure Martin for years. His bead work is of a master beader standard, and are very well made. He uses the most beautiful glass beads and precious stones that makes each piece come alive. Martin's beadwork is beautiful, and of very high quality. Better yet, I know that he truly loves ocha and believes in the healing power of our tradition because I can see it shining through in the thoughtful and beautiful beadwork that he delivers. I'm glad he shares his aché in this creative artistic process. I am very privileged to have Martin's beadwork adorning my Ochas! Thank you for sharing with me, it is an honour  

- Igbin Lete 

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