Ayaba omi o ~ Queen of water


Yemaya, Yemoja, Yemanja is the regal matriarch of Yorùbá origin and as such, commands the respect of all orisha. She is the supreme head of the Ìyáàmi / Àje and the Gelede masquerading tradition.


For the Lukumi, Yemaya is the goddess of water in all its many forms.As the mother of the world and other deities, several orisha have come to reside in different watery domains: Oshun, Oya, Oba and Erinle, Otin and Iyewa each reveived their respective rivers from La Yenya. The Lukumi say it is appropriate to worship Yemaya whereever water is present, from the teardrop to the sewer. 

Oriki Yemaya 


Yemaya ataramagba

Asaraba bi Olodo


Ayaba ti gbe ibu omi

Queen, who lives in water's depths


Yemaya a so igbe di oju ona

Yemaya transforms the wilderness into paths


Yemaya on je oti pagogo oju akagba

Yemaya stoops on the brink of the calabash sipping effervescence


A gbo ni she oba ma kashe

She waits seated, even in a king's presence.


Yemaya a lobi iji wolu

Yemaya rises, eddies when tornado enters the city;


A pekoro yi ilu kaa

She moves all around the town


Awoyo, Awoyo je nile je lodo

Awoyo, Yemaya, eats in the house as well as in the river


Iya olo oyon oruba

Mother of weeping breasts


Okun onilaiye a san enia bi

Deep-swelling Queen of the world, she heals like medicine;


Arugbo olokun

Elder calabash bearer, owner of the sea


Fere obirin aji fon ni lara oba

Lady of the flute, who plays for the king's awakening


Obirin pepe li gba eni gbe ilekile

Woman who gently bears the swimmer to rest on land

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